About Us

My name is Kat and I launched in March 2006. I'm currently a full-time college student at a Southern California university, double majoring in Film Studies and Journalism.

The name for the site, Film Smarts, randomly popped into my head one night before I went to sleep. I debated whether or not I should bother to write the name down. Good thing I did or else this site may never have existed.

Who said movies can't make you smart?

The goal of is to identify and investigate various inspirations behind movie characters, objects, scenes, locations, music, themes, and other items. Movie derivatives are found in almost every facet of life, including:

  - art
- history
- literature
- mythology
- politics
- popular culture
- science
- religion
- many others
Reverse Reference needs you!

We are constantly scouring libraries, the Web, and other sources for additional background information relating to movie origins and inspirations. Help us make Film Smarts even better by sending in additions and changes through the Submission Form. Remember to provide references for submitted information. Thank you for your support!


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