Yakety Sax

 Background of Yakety Sax
  Yakety Sax is the comical sounding song played in the backgroud during the "Deitrich Half-Hour" show's portrayal of an absurd chase scene between V and Chancellor Sutler in V for Vendetta (2006).

Yakety Sax was written and performed by American tenor saxophonist Boots Randolph in the 1960s, and the song quickly topped the charts.

Yakety Sax is perhaps most well known, however, as the theme song for the Benny Hill Show, a popular British sketch comedy show that ran from 1968-1989.

  Saxophonist Boots Randolph
Saxophonist Boots Randolph

Benny Hill
Comedian Benny Hill starred in the Benny Hill Show.
 Appears in the Following Film
  V for Vendetta (2006)      


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