At the Opera Mefistofele

 Background of the Opera Mefistofele
  Early in Batman Begins (2005), a young Bruce Wayne and his parents attend the Italian opera Mefistofele. Bruce, frightened by a scene in the opera portraying bats because of his fear of bats, asks his father if the family could leave the opera early. His father agrees and the family leaves.

The opera Mefistofele was composed by Arrigo Boito, and is the only complete opera by the Italian composer. The opera is based on the German legend of a philosopher named Faust who summons the devil (also known as Mephistopheles). Mefistofele premiered in Milan, Italy in 1868.

Bruce Wayne and his parents watch Mefistofele

Arrigo Boito
Italian composer Arrigo Boito

 Appears in the Following Films
  Batman Begins (2005)



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